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        2022-12-27 17:41:14 中國日報網
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        Visitors pay via e-CNY during an expo in Wuzhen, Zhejiang province. [Photo/CHINA DAILY]

        The trial use of digital yuanhas played a significant role in boosting domestic consumption as such use has been utilized in more Chinese cities and application scenarios, thus further boosting company participation, said experts.


        The e-CNY, which launched experimental usage three years ago, has been made available in several more domestic locations, such as Jinan, Shandong province and Kunming, Yunnan province, in the latest expanded trials on Dec 16. Trial use has also been promoted at the provincial level in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Hebeiand Sichuan amid the most recent expansion.To date, e-CNY can be used in 26 locations across 17 provinces and cities.


        Alipay, the payment app operated by AlibabaGroup"s financial affiliate Ant, became the first digital payment platform to join the e-CNY acceptance network on Dec 12. Platforms or applications connected to Alipay, such as e-retailer Taobaoand Shanghai"s public transportation payment system, can all accept e-CNY payments.


        Wang Pengbo, chief financial industry analyst at market consultancy Botong Analysys, said the connection to Alipay maysignal an even wider use of e-CNY. The large consumer and client base of Alipaycan serve as an optimal platform to enrich the application scenarios of digital yuanand enhance user loyalty.


        As China accelerates its optimization in COVID-19 control policies, more platforms and municipal governments have issued coupons in the form of e-CNY to boost consumption and render a helping hand to pandemic-affected industries such as restaurants and hotels, he added.


        On Dec 16, online food delivery giant Meituanstarted to provide 20-yuan ($2.9) coupons to each user opening digital yuanwallets via China Merchants Bank. Meituanhas granted coupons to more than 10 million users ever since it started to accept e-CNY payments in January.


        In early December, the Guangzhou Municipal Commerce Bureau and the People"s Bank of China Guangzhou branch released more than 1 million yuanworth of couponsin the form of e-CNY to help the recovery of the local consumer market.


        As explained by Zhou Maohua, a macroeconomic analyst at China EverbrightBank, the technologies adopted by e-CNY, especially smart contract technology, can help boost consumption more precisely. The combination of the digital yuanwith coupons and e-commerce platforms will help promote wider use of e-CNY and the accelerated recovery of the consumer market, he said.


        According to the PBOC"s digital currency research institute, more than 5.6 million shops and retailers have allowed e-CNY payments as of Aug 31. Up to 360 milliondigital yuantransactions have been made by the end of August, with the total amount exceeding 100 billion yuan.








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